How to Play

To win the game of 31 you must be the first player to reach 31.

You use 24 cards, four 6s, four 5s, four 4s, four 3s, four 2s, and four aces.

6 6 6 6
5 5 5 5
4 4 4 4
3 3 3 3
2 2 2 2

You set them up like this

You may pick one card per turn and either person can go first

As soon as someone reaches 31 the game is over and the player that reaches 31 wins.

The total gets added on, so if one player picks a six than the next player picks a 4, the total is ten.

Only two players may play the game at one time, another player may count the total.

If there is any number completely gone, you may not play it, and if there is any number that can keep the game in progress you must play it.

You must go on each turn


There is strategy’s to win the game every time against an unexperienced player. Though you must always go first for this to work.

The strategy is to get your opponent onto a special number, so that no matter what number they play, you can win for sure.

The special number you want to be on is 24, because the opponent can’t play any number that can get them to 31, but any number they play will put you in range to get to 31. And to get to 24 you must get to 17 and to get to that number you must get to ten, and the first number you should play is always three.

Though there is a way to stop this if you are playing a player that is using this technique.

If, when the other player plays a three you play a four, they will need another three to get to 10, then you play another four.

Keep playing fours every time they play a three, and when they get to 28, they will have no threes  to play, they must play a two or one and you will win.

Other variations

To win the game of 28 or 33 you must use a different strategy

33: To win 33 you must start with 5 then go to 12, 19, 26, and finally 33, though the counter for 31 still works on this.

28: In this game you must go second against any player, as the count does NOT work. You must get to 7 than 14, 21 and finally 28.



So as you may have noticed throughout the guide, there is a way to win every game. The key is to get 7 below the target number, and to get to that number you must get another 7 numbers below that number and so on and so on. Until you cannot go any lower. Of course though remember that the counter strategy can be used.

So this is how to play and win the game of 31

By Matthew Rea


My Steady Hand Game



I think I did quite well on the Steady Hand Game; some of the wiring was a little sketchy. Though the picture really made the piece good, I think I brightened (or should I say creped out) the whole thing. But the base painting was a bit smudged and could have been better. The wiring had a few bits that stuck out at the back and my gluing was a bad.



The design was a series circuit, the battery connected to one LED and the Wire that you use to play. The LED connected to the other LED, and then the LED without the battery wire connected to it connected to the buzzer, which connected to the wire that buzzes when touched. All these parts together create the design. The painting was of a character off a show called Adventure Time, it was Lemongrab.

The Winged Cr’urtle-Zork


  • Large teeth and claws
  • Spikey tail
  • Wide wings
  • Webbed hands
  • Scaly head
  • Hard shell
  • Furry arms
  • Big hands

Shelter/how it keeps warm/cool

The Winged Cr’urtle shelters under the tall trees and doesn’t very often have to keep warn/cool. The trees give good coverage when it sleeps.

What does it eat/drink?

The Winged Cr’urtle is a carnivore animal. It eats most animals on Zork. From birds, small mammals to the rats and mice that live underground. It can eat the wolves, but normally only kills them to protect itself. It can lives for a couple of weeks at a time with a full supply of water, to help it survive in the dry season.

Its size

It can be 2.5-3m metres, from head to tail. It has 75cm long arms and legs and long claws.


How does it move?

The Winged Cr’urtle Can swims, Run/Walk (on four legs) and flies for short periods of time (30 minutes at a time). For running and walking it uses its strong legs and arms. Because it is so heavy it can only fly for 30 minutes at a time before needing to rest. When it swims, it can go for 5-7 minutes (because it has large lungs). It also has webbed hands so it can speed underwater.


-Moderate heat all year

-Rains for part of year and forms pools  and lakes which dry up near end of year. Then it is very dry. Partly mountains very flat. All trees with high leaves and fruit. Smaller nut bushes (hard shells).

ANIMALS- Rat, Mice(live underground), Birds in trees, Small slow moving mammals which also live in trees. Carnivore wolves

Cyber Safty

Recently we have been learning about how you can be cyber safe. These are some ways you can be cyber safe.

  • Never give out your full name to the internet
  • Never give out your age
  • Never give information to people you don’t know
  • Never plan to meet someone you don’t know

SO PLEASE BE CYBER SAF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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